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Soundtrack Compositions for Cinematic and Home Entertainment

Welcome to the future of soundtrack compositions.

If you're looking for perfection in your soundtracks expressing the necessary atmosphere, emotion and tangible memory for your project, look no further. Here you can rest easy knowing you've chosen the ideal soundtrack composer for your personalized compositions.

Having a versatile musical background from working with well known game and comic companies as well as making soundtracks for adverts and even weddings, all from Japan, Canada, UK, USA and India, Missy Chambers is able to use this experience to create the soundtracks that are exactly what you need, without the hassle of disagreements. The music is about you and your desired effects, this will always be top priority.

Feel free to listen to the example compositions and past experience video clips. You are also welcome to contact Missy for a "try before you buy" 15 - 30 second sample clip so you can have an early taste of what's to come.

"I like Majestic Melodies' compositions! Their compositions are full of variety. I imagine many more scenes for movies and TV games."

 - Tomohiko Sho, Dynasty Warriors Series Game Designer & Director, Japan. 


"I needed a musical mood for my consumer electronics web presence. I shopped around and chose Majestic Melodies because they created the sound I was looking for at a reasonable price. My customers love it and so do I. Thanks Majestic Melodies." 
 -Steve, Ed's TV, USA 


"There are two things that I find impressive in Majestic Meldodies' work: the first one is how versatile they are in music composition. Their eclectic taste provides them with a wide range of musical expertise. The second one is their technique; since they are incredibly passionate about the east, they are able to deploy an unconditional merge between the east and west way of composing orchestral scores." 

- GM, Cinematic Music for Motion Picture

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