Majestic Melodies

Soundtrack Compositions for Cinematic and Home Entertainment

Welcome to the future of soundtrack compositions.

If you're looking for perfection in your soundtracks expressing the necessary atmosphere, emotion and tangible memory for your project, look no further. Here you can rest easy knowing you've chosen the ideal soundtrack composer for your personalized compositions.

Having a versatile musical background from working with well known game and comic companies as well as making soundtracks for adverts and even weddings, all from Japan, Canada, UK, USA and India, Missy Chambers is able to use this experience to create the soundtracks that are exactly what you need, without the hassle of disagreements. The music is about you and your desired effects, this will always be top priority.

Feel free to listen to the example compositions and past experience video clips. You are also welcome to contact Missy for a "try before you buy" 15 - 30 second sample clip so you can have an early taste of what's to come.

Majestic Melodies has been a freelance soundtrack composing company since 2006 creating the new evolutionary sounds of cinematic entertainment. Perfection is nothing but top priority for all of our compositions, be it for hired work or for home projects.  

"Being asked to compose a number of genres can be challenging, but allows us to improve our skills as composers. Each challenge is necessary in order to satisfy every client's needs. We work for YOU, which means we will dedicate our time to perfecting the ideal soundtrack that makes you truly satisfied." 


Officially starting our musical passion in 2005, we were creating Trance and House music for small time clubs, adverts and websites around North America and the UK. Between these years Majestic Melodies dove into other genres such as Ambient, Rock and Metal in order to reach a larger skill set. We were constantly driven to learn more about music and understanding how it works. 

In 2006 we discovered our love for Jazz and Classical, reaching out and expanding our knowledge helped us work for an even wider business; we officially became a freelance soundtrack composition company. Becoming more serious as we started to teach guitar, piano and music theory to numerous people from around the world, we still help teach countless people online through the website All Guitar Chords

In 2009 we expanded our knowledge in classical orchestration. Loving every moment, we have spent our spare time composing for customers from animation, fashion, dance and I.T. in order to expand our capabilities and experience.

In 2011 we took our biggest step by taking time out from our comfortable lifestyles and worked in Japan. Having gained the necessary experience to professionally perfect sounds and completing the clientèle's requirements, we took a leap forward to advancing new sounds in the music industry. 

In 2013 we began making compositions for companies such as Titan Comics, Marvel, Audible and others from around the world.

We are currently composing music for well known world wide companies, weddings, home entertainment and adverts; always expanding our versatility as an advancing composing company for our generation.

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